If this is your first treatment we'll have a brief discussion about your health history and then I will explain a bit about what Osteopathy is. Once you're comfortable we'll begin. Each treatment is specific to the patient but generally it will consist of gentle movements and long holds. The treatment is very relaxing and there is often no pain throughout. 
Please wear comfortable clothing (athletic attire, sweatpants). Anything that you are mobile in. 
Osteopathy is very beneficial for children - they respond very fast to treatment. The younger you are the more adaptable your hard and soft tissues are so the treatment sessions will be shorter and the results will last longer.

Osteopathy is especially great for newborns. The birthing experience is very traumatic and a delivery that is too long or too short can have lasting effects. If your child is colic there is a reason and osteopathic care can treat that. It is always a good idea to bring your newborn in for a session and get everything checked out.

It is also very beneficial if you are having trouble getting pregnant and for newborns/infants. 
The sooner the better! Osteopathy is very good at calming down the area that is in pain or spasming. The sooner you come in the sooner we can get you back to feeling better. 
This is patient by patient and case by case. My general rule of thumb is to come in for 3-4 treatments and then we will have a conversation and see how you're progressing. From there we may adjust to every two weeks, once a month, etc. The end goal is to come in solely for maintenance, which is vital to your overall health and well being. 
Once you are cleared by your doctor for manual therapy then come on in. Osteopathy can help speed up the healing process by addressing the blood flow. If healthy blood and fluids are getting to the area of concern then healing will occur faster. If blood and fluids are leaving the area properly, then healing will occur faster. Swelling is an accumulation of fluid/blood and Osteopathy can be of great help to remove the obstructions. 
This is case by case but a good rule to abide by is that if you have had the issue for a long time, one treatment isn't going to cure all. Maintaining a strict regimen of treatment is the most beneficial way for you to see results. The patient and the practitioner will have to decide that this looks like. You can't shortcut lasting results.